Maximizing stakeholder value is the primary function of executive leadership in every company. The problem with this objective is that for many companies, value is viewed as an intangible entity that is subject to the whims of the marketplace.

While there is some truth to this, over the past 35 years, Strategic Analysis has established a well-publicized track record for identifying financial vulnerabilities and valuation discrepancies well in advance of others in the market.

As Canada’s oldest independent investment research firm, SAC has become highly respected valuation experts, and are consistently called upon for financial advice by prominent companies and investors.

Our proprietary analytical framework has been instrumental in identifying the risks and opportunities facing our corporate clients, allowing Boards, management, and stakeholders to take proactive steps backed by objective analysis and research. Our clients have included both emerging small-cap companies, and some of Canada’s largest corporations.

Proactive Capital Planning

A company’s balance sheets is generally an afterthought to the strategic planning process. While certain actions may strengthen or weaken the balance sheet in the short-run, few management teams or boards can see the long-term effects on a company’s capital markets performance.

We believe that financial decisions should be proactive, intentional and implemented within the framework of a detailed plan. Our corporate consulting service assists companies and institutions in developing winning capital market strategies that reduce risk, while increasing valuation.

Even companies in great financial health and with a talented management team often underestimate the need for a comprehensive capital markets plan.

Strategic Analysis has established a new standard for determining the true valuation of an organization and accurately forecasting its future growth or failure. Companies that embrace this standard will enjoy a long-term market advantage.

Your Strategic Advantage

Effective capital planning allows companies and institutions to acquire an unparalleled advantage in the marketplace by enabling them to quickly and effectively identify and manage their corporate risk.

Our strategies will help companies:

  • Effectively use capital markets to their advantage
  • Strategically issue debt/equity to strengthen balance sheets
  • Maximize perceived value in the marketplace
  • Evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions
  • Improve credit ratings and access to credit
  • Decide on the right time and price to come to market
  • Stay apprised of its fiscal position and appeal vs. the competition

Our Premise

Measurable value is ultimately determined by the strength of a company’s balance sheet. Building upon this fundamental principle, we are able to systematically evaluate the financial performance of a company and determine the best course of action needed to accomplish the overall goals of the management team and stakeholders.

To find out more about the benefits our corporate consulting can provide to your company, contact us today.