SAC’s strategic relationship with MacNicol & Associates Asset Management provides individuals looking to take advantage of our unique approach an alternative to self-management. Principal David A. MacNicol has been using the SVA methodology for over 20 years, and SAC and MAAM share the same fundamental investment approach – to preserve and enhance client wealth through a long-term investing approach.

David MacNicol
David MacNicol

MacNicol & Associates was founded in 2001 by David A. MacNicol to offer professional global investment management and advisory services to individuals, family trusts, estates, holding companies and charitable foundations. The firm’s disciplined approach provides excellent returns, while limiting risk through diversification and reducing the portfolio’s exposure to the political and economic factors of any single country or specific sector.

Their Absolute Return Fund was recently recognized for its outstanding performance at the 2015 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards. The Fund was nominated in three categories: Best 1 Year Return, Best 5 Year Return, and Best 5 Year Sharpe Ratio. 

Launched in 2010, the Absolute Return Fund’s objective is to generate positive absolute returns under most market and economic conditions with little or no correlation to the US and Canadian stock markets.

For more information on their discretionary management services, visit MacNicol & Associates Asset Management, or contact us for a personal introduction.