Back in 1993 our firm became a subscriber of Strategic Analysis Corporation. Since then there have been many market ups and downs but SAC has been up to the task of predicting and guiding us through these turbulent times. I am very dependent on SAC for stock “buy and sell” recommendations especially “sell” points on many securities. My clients and I are much wealthier for taking their advice.

Wayne Latta, Raymond James & Associates

“The advice and analysis standards of SAC has not wavered over 11 years and their accessibility for discussion and problem-solving are exemplary.”

Ann and Brian Gray, independent investors

“Ross Healy’s call on Nortel belongs in the Analyst Hall of Fame”

As featured in the “The Bubble and the Bear” by Douglas Hunter

“For more than a decade, I have benefitted from the independent and valuable opinion provided by SAC’s research approach and would highly recommend SAC to others.”

Riley Klassen, Financial Advisor, Raymond James Ltd