“If I could use just one investment service, it would be SAC’s system.”

– Janet Peaker, 10+ year subscriber

Our investment research service, called Structural Valuation Analysis, is a web-based ‘system’ designed for independent, Do-It-Yourself investors and professionals alike. Our service features:

  • coverage of over 4000+ North American equities
  • individual stock recommendations
  • a model portfolio to follow our own investment strategy
  • screening and research tools to pinpoint tradable stocks
  • responsive, same-day customer support

Take a 90-second tour of our service in the video below

Key Benefits


Analysis at a Glance

With our SVA charts, you can identify opportunities in the market in a flash. Instead of sifting through tables of data, we distill what you need to know into a single chart.


Fundamentals-Driven Approach

SVA is based on the most fundamental of financial documents: the balance sheet. For each company, we combine dozens of financial statements into a clear picture.


30-year Track Record of Success

SAC is Canada’s oldest independent research firms, with a track record of making timely calls that have steered clients out of danger and preserved capital.

Explore SVA in Depth

Learn the fundamentals behind our approach

In this series of videos, we explain the theory behind Structural Valuation Analysis, and why it is so powerful in the investment research process.