“I began to seriously listen to the opinion of SAC after watching Nortel and Bombardier fall from their astronomical highs in the early part of the 21st century, all the while SAC seemed to be the only research firm cautioning their clients to get out of these two highly priced stocks.

For more than a decade I have benefitted from the independent and valuable opinion provided by SAC’s research approach and would highly recommend SAC to others.”

Riley Klassen

Raymond James Financial Advisor, St. Albert, AB

Our research platform is designed to meet the needs of professionals and retail investors alike. Our Decision Engine subscription package offers a full array of research tools, while our Insight Edge subscription is similar to a traditional investment newsletter.

For fees on managed accounts and corporate consulting services, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Insight Edge

Insight Edge is our market research centre, loaded with investment-ready recommendations, SVA-driven research reports, strategic reviews and commentary. It is designed for independent investors looking for recommendations from an experienced group of analysts using a completely unique approach to value investing.

An Insight Edge subscription package features our Active List, our recommendations on specific stocks to Buy, Hold, or Sell. The North American Value Portfolio is a 10-15 stock portfolio launched at the beginning of every year designed for capital preservation and consistent positive performance.

Subscribers also have access to all our daily individual Technical Comments, our monthly Market Commentary, and all our special research briefings on specific industries and sectors. Insight Edge subscribers receive an email alert every time there is a new publication on our platform, so you are always up-to-date.

Decision Engine

Built for active investors and professional traders who require the full power of an investment research firm on their desktop, Decision Engine lets you make instant decisions on potential equity investments at a glance.

This is our complete research system, covering 4000+ North American equities , with direct support from our team of analysts.

A Decision Engine subscription features everything in the Insight Edge package, plus enhanced tools that allow you to harness the full power of our methodology. The service features Crossroads, a stock screener that identifies all the stocks that have reached a critical breakpoint in our evaluation methodology. You can also quickly create custom Watch Lists that you can turn into custom chart books, letting you quickly look over groups of stocks at a glance.

In addition, you receive direct support from our research team on any company in our research universe.

  • First Month Trial*:

  • Ongoing Monthly Fee*:

  • Featured Recommendations

    Our best investment ideas with timely buy, hold, and sell ratings.

  • North American Value Portfolio

    Our annual investment portfolio tracked and updated on a monthly basis.

    Opportunities at a glance
  • Regular Market Commentary

    Ross Healy's analysis of economic news and global trends.

  • Technical Comments

    Summary SVA analysis on over 700 mid and large cap US and Canadian Equities

  • Email Alerts

    Let you know when new material and stock rating updates are published.

  • Watch Lists

    Let you track stocks of interest.

  • Chart Browser

    Browse SVA charts by sector, industry, index, and your own custom groups.

  • SVA Analyzer

    Full access to our proprietary charts of 3000+ North American stocks.

  • Crossroads Screening

    Zero-in on companies trading at one of our proprietary valuation breakpoints.

  • Stock of the Day

    Daily analysis of interesting equity valuation situations.

  • Custom Equity Research

    Access our analysis team for specific stock inquiries.



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* Prices are all in Canadian dollars, and subject to HST where applicable to Canadian residents.

Trial Period is for 30 days, and will automatically renew in 30-day intervals at the regular rate. Subscribers may cancel at any time.

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